Senate Republican Leader Pat Bates Publicly Recognized For Her Efforts to Repeal Gas Tax

SAN DIEGO, CA — Senator Republican Leader Pat Bates, a vocal opponent of Jerry Brown’s gas tax measure was recognized for her efforts to repeal California’s SB-1 law that raised gas taxes by almost 20 cents per gallon by Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio. Carl DeMaio’s Reform California has been backing the repeal since day one.

“This gas tax affects every single Californian in one way or another and I am recognizing those that are stepping up and helping to get this repealed. Senator Pat Bates is an example of leadership and I personally appreciate her efforts. She has held public signature drives and donated her volunteer network and resources directly to the initiative. We should recognize leaders who are doing the right thing on issues that matter to the people not only in their Districts but to all of California.” said DeMaio.

Senator Bates said in response, “With less than a month to turn in signatures, I will do anything I can to get the gas tax repealed. I’m proud of Carl DeMaio and his leadership on this issue and I’m honored to work with him. Frankly, this is one of the most pressing issues of affordability facing families in our State right now and this is the right thing to do. This measure will repeal the car and gas tax and require any future increases go to a vote of the people. That’s the way it should be.”

Senate Republican Leader Pat Bates represents the 36th Senate District of California which includes portions of Orange and San Diego Counties.


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