Repeal the Gas Tax

Senator Pat Bates is leading the fight to repeal gas taxes added to our gasoline costs but repealing the gas tax is just the beginning. Senator Pat Bates believes voters should have a say in any future attempts to increase gas taxes. Additionally, Senator Bates is a vocal opponent to implementing California’s cap and trade program that could increase gas prices by one dollar for every gallon.

Equality for Women

Senator Pat Bates has always been a leader in promoting equality for women. In the legislature she led the effort to take on sexual and workplace harassment. She pushed the legislature to convene the Jt. Rules Committee that completely re-wrote policy to protect victims and provide fairness and transparency in the workplace. Furthermore,  Senator Pat Bates voted for the California Fair Pay Act that strengthens the State’s equal pay law so female workers can receive equal pay for equal work.


Senator Bates opposes new oil and gas drilling in federal waters offshore California (SR 35 and SR 73),authored SJR 23 urging Congress to move San Onofre’s nuclear waste to a safer location, supports efforts to address ocean acidification (AB 2139), and integrate scientific data concerning the impact of climate change into state infrastructure engineering (AB 2800). Climate change is real and Senator Bates believes we must all work together to prepare ourselves for its effects while still preserving the quality of life and economic prosperity for all Californians.

Improving Education

California’s education system is in need of reforms and Senator Pat Bates is leading the way. Senator Bates is a strong supporter of school choice. Additionally, Senator Bates believes that at least 80 percent of education spending should be required to be spent in the classroom instead of on administrator salaries.

Border Security

Senator Bates supports common sense efforts to secure America’s borders to end illegal immigration. She has urged Congress and the President to work together to create a comprehensive and workable approach to reform the nation’s broken immigration system that includes a path to citizenship (SJR 2). She opposes California’s “sanctuary state” law that prohibits local law enforcement from notifying federal authorities of the release of certain undocumented criminals such as repeat drunken drivers, those who assault peace officers, and serial thieves. She has authored legislation to crack down on the dealers who are bringing fentanyl into our state leading to overdose deaths and risks to our first responders (SB 1323/SB 1103).

Sober Living Homes

Senator Bates has been a strong advocate for finding a balance between helping people who are seeking help to address their addictions and making sure sober living homes and residential treatment facilities are good neighbors. She supports efforts to give the state and local governments more regulatory authority to protect patients and public safety and has authored legislation to protect some of California’s most vulnerable citizens. Senator Bates has hosted town-hall meetings in both San Diego and Orange counties that have drawn hundreds of residents. She has authored SB 1283, SB 34, SB 902 and SB 1290. She has also co-authored numerous bi-partisan bills in this important area.

Stop Governor Jerry Brown’s Bullet Train

Senator Pat Bates is actively working to defund Governor Jerry Brown’s “High Speed Rail” Project. Which is billions of dollars in debt and over budget.

Health Care

Senator Bates believes strongly the Legislature should focus on making existing health programs more affordable and accessible and has led efforts to do so during her first term. She has supported hundreds of bi-partisan bills to improve health care in California. California has lowered the number of people who are uninsured while saving lives, protecting families from bankruptcy and helping people with chronic conditions to be able to return to work. She authored SB 787 to help save the only emergency department located between Mission Viejo and Oceanside. She opposes a government health care monopoly scheme called “single-payer” that would outlaw private health insurance, put government bureaucrats in charge of health care decisions, and would require $200 billion in annual tax increases on hard working California families.

Protect Prop 13

Senate Republican Leader Pat Bates is a voice for taxpayers. When it comes to changes to Prop 13, Pat Bates has provided the leadership to stop attempts to dismantle California’s landmark law the protects homeowners.

SONGS Nuclear Waste

Through her service on the San Onofre Community Engagement Panel when she was a County Supervisor, Senator Bates knows first-hand how dangerous the continued storage of nuclear waste from SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station) is to our region. She authored SJR 23 urging Congress to move San Onofre’s nuclear waste to a safer location and will continue to urge congressional members of both parties to address this issue. She co-authored a bi-partisan letter to the Secretary of the United States Department of Energy asking for a timeline regarding the removal, relocation and storage of the SONGS spent fuel.


A coalition of Assemblymembers and Senators from our area, including Senator Pat Bates, sent a letter to Secretary Perry asking for SONGS to be moved. You can view the letter  HERE