Repeal the Gas Tax

Senator Pat Bates is leading the fight to repeal gas taxes added to our gasoline costs but repealing the gas tax is just the beginning. Senator Pat Bates believes voters should have a say in any future attempts to increase gas taxes. Additionally, Senator Bates is a vocal opponent to implementing California’s cap and trade program that could increase gas prices by one dollar for every gallon. 

Oppose Sanctuary State

Securing the border of California should be one of the legislature’s highest priorities even if it calls for deploying the National Guard. Senator Pat Bates is actively working with local law enforcement to oppose California’s law which grants “Sanctuary” to illegal immigrants that have committed crimes.

Protect Prop 13

Senate Republican Leader Pat Bates is a voice for taxpayers. When it comes to changes to Prop 13, Pat Bates has provided the leadership to stop attempts to dismantle California’s landmark law the protects homeowners.

Stop Governor Jerry Brown’s Bullet Train

Senator Pat Bates is actively working to defund Governor Jerry Brown’s “High Speed Rail” Project. Which is billions of dollars in debt and over budget.

Improving Education

California’s education system is in need of reforms and Senator Pat Bates is leading the way. Senator Bates is a strong supporter of school choice. Additionally, Senator Bates believes that at least 80 percent of education spending should be required to be spent in the classroom instead on administrator salaries.