ORANGE COUNTY, CA – – On the same day a Marggie Castellano mail piece with false and misleading information landed in voters’ mailboxes, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department caught and cited a woman stealing eight Pat Bates yard signs. She was cited with two counts of petty theft and one for possession of stolen property.

“Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from Democrat activists in this election,” said Senator Pat Bates. “They have been vandalizing and stealing signs from all over the District in an attempt to silence my supporters. Additionally, Castellano continues to slander my voting record. It’s sad that she can’t run on her own positions.”

Despite the claims by Castellano, Senator Bates was instrumental in passing SB-133 which helps guarantee continuity of care for patients, including those with preexisting conditions.

“I’ve always been clear in my position, individuals should not be discriminated against because of preexisting conditions. To say otherwise is a lie,” Bates continued.

It’s important to note that while Democrat activists vandalize and steal campaign material in attempt to silence first amendment rights, Senator Pat Bates is endorsed by law enforcement in the election.

Pat Bates has a wide array of endorsements from our community and across the state.

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